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About Suza

About Suza Francina
As a former mayor and council member, and a dedicated researcher,
I bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table.
I understand the interconnections between water, land use,
housing, school enrollment, traffic, and the reality that
sound economic development must be tied to environmental sustainability.
As a resident of Ojai for 60 years who has raised her children here,
I will prioritize the needs of the community—now and for future generations.

Candidate Statement
Suza Francina • Age 67 • Teacher/ Writer
I have lived in the Ojai Valley since 1957, attended local schools, and raised my children here. I served on the Ojai City Council from 1996—2000. I am well known for my years of environmental activism and advocacy for human and animal rights. The time is right for me to continue my leadership role in our beautiful, small town community.
As a longtime Ojai resident, I will prioritize community – now and for future generations. As a long-term renter, I am committed to protecting our community housing stock for our residents. I own a community-based business and will prioritize maintaining proper balance between our tourist-based economy and our residents who preserve, provide, and protect all the reasons that tourists come to our valley. For that reason, I am opposed to the short-term rental business model that has depleted our housing stock and made it increasingly difficult for our renting friends and family to remain in Ojai.

The Ojai Valley is one of the most beautiful and sacred places on earth. Our economy, our tourist industry, and our quality of life depend on protecting its uniqueness.