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Bicycle and Pedestrian Advocacy

While serving on the Ojai City Council (1996–2000) I played a leading role in adopting Ojai’s first Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan. In recent years, I served on the city’s Complete Streets Committee and cycled the valley with representatives from CalTrans and other agencies/planners many times.

While mayor of Ojai in 2000, I was nationally recognized as “California’s Mayor without a car.” I attended numerous County and State workshops on making cities more bicycle and pedestrian friendly, working with the Ojai Unified School District, law enforcement officials, and the City of Ojai to promote bicycle safety education and create Safe Routes to School.

I look forward to helping to promote a bicycle and pedestrian culture in Ojai by working with the new Ojai Valley Bicycle Coalition and other groups, and, as an elected official, setting an example by leaving my car at home and walking or bicycling as much as possible.

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