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Endorsements from the Ojai Community and Beyond:

Francina represents much of traditional Ojai — sustainability, environmentalism, home-town feel — and the council will need that perspective as it tries to move Ojai into the future while keeping its unique identity. For that reason and others, we think she would be a better fit than her lone opponent for the four-year council seat.
An Ojai resident since 1957, Francina served on the council from 1996 to 2000. The writer, yoga teacher and bicycling advocate rightfully sees the many connections between Ojai’s issues — how sustainability, for example, can help with the drought. –Ventura County Star, September 22, 2016

Das Williams, California State Assembly Member for the 37th district (Ojai’s representative), has endorsed Suza Francina for Ojai City Council.
The Ojai Valley Democratic Club has endorsed Suza Francina.

Suza loves Ojai. She is pure of heart and wants only the best for our town and the environment. –Betsy Clapp, Ojai City Council Member

Twenty years ago (1996–2000) when Suza was on the council she was years ahead of the curve on environmental issues. While we are starting to catch up with where Suza was then, she is still 20 years ahead of where most of us are. We again need Suza’s vision and understanding of the inter-connectedness of the issues involving water, transportation, etc. to help lead Ojai. –Leonard Klaif

Your tireless pursuit of integrity, personal transparency, and innovative foresight caught my attention as an adult, but as a small child I remember just looking up to you in awe. I didn’t trust a lot of adults, but I always instinctively trusted you. Thank you for your love for this valley, your long history in service to this valley through environmental activism, animal rights advocacy, and as a long time teacher of yoga. You embody the spirit of Ojai and therefore I trust you to carry forth the torch for the future of Ojai.
—Akka B, Poet

Suza Francina is the one candidate running for Ojai City Council who weighs and considers all issues. She has a solid understanding of what Ojai needs, moving forward. Whether it’s water conservation, safe access for alternative forms of transportation, a sense of deep respect for the history of our valley, and how to maintain its true character. She is not a one-trick pony, but understands all of these issues are intricately connected and must be addressed to ensure the residents, those she is pledging to serve, will be able to enjoy our little town for generations to come. She will represent Ojai’s residents and their needs, and for these reasons, and so many more, I’m proud to be a supporter of Suza Francina. —Linda Jordan

Suza Francina has my unequivocal endorsement for city council. She has proven already to embody the ethos that has truly kept Ojai a small magical town. Her gentle nature belies her fierce commitment to the issues most important to me. Her strong support of all animals and the animal kingdom. Her concern for and solutions regarding the drought. Her contribution and involvement in more groups than I can count. As a small business owner I trust her. There are not many small towns left like Ojai, with Suza as our council member I know she will protect our town. Thank you Suza for running.
—‎Starr Crabtree‎, owner, Skyflower boutique

Water conservation in Ojai is job number one for leaders. A vote for Suza is a vote to conserve resources including water and soil. —John Roulac, Founder & CEO of Nutiva
Suza has deep roots in the Ojai community and personifies the history and character of Ojai. She understands what it takes to run the city for the people of Ojai. She is 100% right on Ojai values and 100% for protecting housing stock for Ojai residents. No one is as qualified for City Council as Suza and we support her candidacy 100%. —Ojai First (Ojai First is a group dedicated to the Ojai community, working together on causes that affect us all.)

We are both supporting Suza, the only logical choice for the seat on Ojai’s city council. We hope everybody will study the issues and come to the same conclusion. —Charlie and Barbara Snyder

Suza, I’m so excited about your run for city council. You are a true treasure to Ojai. I know you care about our community, and will treat us like a community, not like a community bank, making withdrawals at others’ expense! — Leslie Ferraro

It is an honor to endorse Suza Francina. She is Ojai. She will work tirelessly on behalf of our community and what it takes to keep Ojai Ojai. I support her for many reasons, but in particular for her commitment to protecting our neighborhoods, our zoning, our schools, our local hospital, doctors, and other community-based and dependent businesses, and our renting friends and families from the business model of short-term rentals that in my view jeopardizes all of those things. —Carolyn Vondriska

A little before her time, Suza’s agenda from the 90’s represents the very issues now being urgently considered worldwide. Water conservation and efficiency practices, green building standards, responsible development and environmental issues will all move forward with her strong and persistent voice on the council. Suza also understands the negative impact of short term rentals on our community and the importance of putting the housing needs of residents before tourists. With Suza back in office, Ojai’s Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan, including Safe Routes to School, will continue to move forward. As a small business owner, Suza also understands the problems faced by our business community and will work on behalf of those interests. I welcome the opportunity to support Suza Francina’s candidacy. A vote for Suza is a vote for Ojai! — Dale Hanson
Suza has given her heart and soul to Ojai. I have lived here for 45 years, and remember a continuous thread of her efforts moving our little world in a positive direction. —Martha Fellows

I wholeheartedly endorse Suza Francina for Ojai City Council. Suza — teacher, writer, mother, grandmother, civil servant — has been dedicated to the comprehensive health of the Ojai Community for most of her life. She’s served us well in the past as a member of the city council and as mayor, and didn’t hesitate to step up to serve again at this critical point in the history of our beloved city. She’s deeply wise and inarguably devoted to Ojai. Please join me in supporting Suza’s campaign in any way you are able. —Peggy LaCerra

Suza Francina embodies the spirit of Ojai like few others in our community, the soul of what it is we all love about our town. I’ve known Suza for over 40 years, and have always known her presence to be uplifting and beautiful, as a friend and neighbor. I’m with her. Thank you, Suza, for stepping up. —Alan Thornhill

I wish that as a 27 year business owner in the valley and 16 years downtown that I could have the right to vote for City Council members. Because I am not a resident of the City Of Ojai, but live in Mira Monte, I cannot vote for you. I wish you great success in getting elected because I know that it will be a boon for the Ojai Valley and that you are a voice for what makes Ojai the place that people love. We have to be vigilant and full of care to make the right decisions to sustain our small town culture in this little piece of heaven. Thank you Suza for your service! —River Sauvageau

I usually avoid politics like the plague, but I’m all in for Suza Francina for Ojai City Council. –Kevin Wallace

I endorse Suza Francina for Ojai City Council. Suza has proven herself to be a strong voice for progressive policies that can promote a viable, sustainable path for our community. Please help spread the word! –-Tom Erickson

I support Suza Francina for city council. She is an articulate spokesperson for how so many feel in Ojai, and has the experience and judgement that we need in a city council member. No one has been more deeply involved in the community or shown more care about Ojai values than Suza, and I thank her for stepping forward now when she is needed. –Michael Haley

Suza Francina, you understand Ojai. You always have and always will. Your message has been consistent for decades. You are also forward thinking and I know that you can and will look down the road and prepare Ojai for the many issues and obstacles that may come our way so that Ojai will remain special. Thank you. Can’t wait to cast my vote for you! –Marcy Swartz Toscher

With many of us facing an economic time of troubles that may be hard to bear, we need local leaders who can encourage the best in us, leaders like Suza Francina. —Clive Leeman

We need Suza Francina on the City Council again. She is a peaceful, sensitive person with that special intelligence that we all notice immediately. — Elaine Needham

My family came to Ojai in 1969. I am always hoping that a candidate will come along who embodies an earth-friendly worldview. Suza is such a candidate. Think what the planet might be like today if we, as a society, had supported more of those ideas in the 1970’s, when we first promoted them. Let’s get Suza elected and see if we can finally bring some of these sensible ideas to fruition. — Lanny Kaufer

Suza has been in Ojai for many years and knows and loves this city like few others who are running for Ojai City Council member. She would be a truly valuable and knowledgeable addition and a pro-active choice for the people of Ojai. –Janna Byan Valenzuela